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July Spotlight: Diamondlite

Posted on July 01 2018

What is a Diamondlite?


When you think of Diamondlite, one of the words that should come straight into your mind is glamour! It is an abundant display of style, glamour, beauty and splendor! When skillfully worked on, it projects grace on the user. In a number of ways, a Diamondlite is superior to a real Diamond. With proper craftsmanship and dexterity, a Diamondlite is bound to win the hearts of any fashion savvy woman irrespective of her class or status.

Regardless of being fashion adornments that are basically feminine, stylishly glamorous and wonderfully dazzling, Diamondlite includes the details of the genuine diamond industry. It also highlights stones that are of the Ideal Cut, which is a standard applied commonly in the genuine diamond trade. Subsequently, without precedent for history, this elite cutting in a simulated diamond is made achievable.


Key Features of a Diamondlite

· Diamondlite highlights stones that are cut to Hearts and Arrows specification in accordance with international models used for diamonds just like the genuine diamonds. When viewed with a scope from the top, this precious stone will reveal 8 geometrically unique arrows to reveal the rainbow flashes and blazing brightness discovered only in a perfectly cut real diamonds.

· Diamondlite also has a coating of diamond all over its surface using a technically advance optically clear diamond coating process.

· Each and every Diamondlite stone is precisely cut, properly polished for maximum brilliance, and carefully hand-set by an expert in diamond adornments and jewelry.

· Basically, Diamondlite is a duplicate of perfect diamonds at a small amount of the cost, ready to compliment and fulfil each woman's fancy and extravagance!


Comparison of Diamondlite and Natural Diamond

Both a Diamondlite and the natural diamond have some things in common which must be highlighted:

· Diamondlite patterns the appearance of natural diamond at a cost that is far less than that of a natural diamond.

· When a Diamondlite is tested on a diamond tester, it does not give the result of a diamond because of some impurities which have been included in the diamond coating layer to erase the possibility of such mix-up.

Why is a Diamondlite Better than a Real Diamond

Generally, it is believed that a natural diamond is far better than a Diamondlite. Well, that’s not wrong, but then it’s not the whole truth. The truth of the matter is that except for the hardness, which is marginally different, you are not likely to be able to tell the difference between a real diamond and a Diamondlite. In actual fact, when a Diamondlite is tested on a diamond tester, the added impurities in it make a Diamondlite pass the test.

Diamondlite has some features that make it better off when compared to a real Diamond in some instances, chief among all is that it is cheaper.

It's cheaper. Although, price variance between diamonds might be as a result of the cut, shape, carat, color and clarity but generally, Diamondlite is cheaper to buy than an average natural or real diamond.

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